KettyBot aka Tomodachi’s first day of work at Tokyo Grill’s Grand Opening

tokyo grill

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by Jennifer Cua | Blog

Tomodachi is now serving at Tokyo Grill Japanese Restaurant

With its bright screen and cheerful face, Tomodachi (meaning friend in Japanese) welcomed everyone to the newest and hottest unlimited Japanese grill in town. The guests were delighted to meet the high-tech robot server and were amazed by its navigation, delivery, as well as advertising capabilities.

Always ready to serve, the countless deliveries of unlimited Japanese offerings were no sweat for the smart and adorable robot as it gladly and efficiently served order after order straight to the customers’ tables. Tokyo Grill’s Grand Opening was a full house event, with the team ending the day feeling successful and fulfilled with the help of its team member, Tomodachi.


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Indeed, Tomodachi the robot server is a friend you can count on. 🤖😉

KettyBot aka Tomodachi is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Mysolutions Inc.