The Authentic Robot Servers were employed at Oedo Japanese Restaurants, Philippines

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Enjoy your meal at OEDO and meet our Pudu Robots

Oedo Japanese Restaurant is a new hangout spot located in Sto. Domingo Street is just a few blocks away from the busy foodie mecca of Banawe Avenue.


It is happy to see that our Pudu Robots serving in Oedo Japanese Restaurant now! 

Aside from the delicious food here at oedo, customers also visit this restaurant because of these amazing and adorable delivery robots, “PuduBot and KettyBot”. These are not just robots, they are also robot servers that accompany the employees in providing quality customer service and a memorable experience. 


When you visit Oedo, you will encounter our Pudu Robots “PuduBot and kettyBot.” A lot of people are entertained by these delivery robots because of their elegance and ability to impress customers not only children but also adults are easily amazed, making it ideal for impressing the entire family.

From attracting customers into restaurants and leading them to tables to quickly delivering food, these robots provide an unprecedented dining experience for your customers, and you can create an exciting and futuristic experience for your clients.

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Furthermore, these robots will be engaged in repetitive tasks. Pudu Robot’s goal is not to replace jobs but rather to improve staff, instead, of constantly running back and forth from the kitchen to the dining area servers can concentrate on providing excellent customer service to diners. Higher efficiency saves labor costs and improves the service level of your restaurants.

“It’s not actually meant as a labor replacement…We can just reapportion that labor into more service-orientated roles that we think the customer will benefit [from] both ways.” – McDonald’s CEO, Steve Easterbrook

Hiring a robot to deliver food and drinks will grab customers’ attention. If you want your customers to stay loyal, you have to invest in their experience. Customer experience impacts brand loyalty.

MySolutions is the authorized distributor of Pudu Robotics products in the Philippines. The good news is they are now accepting pre-orders! You may request an online demonstration or product presentation.

We offer virtual demo and make sure you know how to work with your robot and let them help you.

It will help guide restaurant businesses to improve the quality of customer experiences. A new way to impress your customer!


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Check this video to see how our PuduBot avoids obstacles and cruising mode in Oedo Japanese Restaurant.