Meet “Number 1,” Dunkin’s First-Ever Robot Server in the Philippines

Robot Server

We’re glad to welcome you to dine and discover Robot Servers in Dunkin Donuts Philippines

The multinational coffee and doughnut company introduces their first-ever robot server at selected Dunkin’ branches in the Philippines.

Robot Server

The Pandemic crisis is inspiring more and more business leaders to take a serious look at robots and how they can help keep supply chains robust and efficient while reducing risk during pandemics and other challenging times.

If you’re looking for a simple and delicious solution for donuts and coffee, you don’t have to look anymore. Dunkin Philippines has robots that serve customers creatively and efficiently. If you want to see this quirky mechanized server called “Number One,” it’s now available at the North Edsa, Rockwell, Aurora, and Eastwood branches.

Enjoy delicious dessert prepared by Dunkin, as well as the experience of how our waiter robots help automate processes and overcome manpower shortage challenges.

“Number 1” can bring your food and beverages safe and efficient with a customizable advertisement, and guest escorting that always improves customer satisfaction and is one of the easiest ways to make your customers happy.

Have a unique DUNKIN dine-in experience with “Number 1”

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The process is relatively simple. You order what you want to consume at the cashier (who is still human in case anyone is wondering), get allocated a seat in the establishment, then Number One will come with your orders. It also has AI Voice that reminds you of your order, thanks to you, and then bids you farewell. Hopefully, Number 1 will be introduced to more Dunkin’ branches soon! 

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Check this video to see how “Number 1” avoids obstacles and cruising mode in Dunkin Donuts Philippines.

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