The Realiable and Loveable Robot Serving in Love-A-Bowl

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Love a bowl Laguna: Bellabot’s first day of serving with cuteness and efficiency. The cute and interactive delivery robot has finally set foot in a Love a bowl restaurant.

Bellabot’s deployment at Love a bowl brought excitement and elegance to the establishment’s dining atmosphere and started in making daily operations more efficient for both employees and customers.

Led by Mr. Chris, owner and CEO of Love a Bowl, Bellabot’s first day of serving sumptuous meals and cuteness took place immediately on the day it is deployed. It is no doubt that the establishment gain an additional luxury experience, and instantly boosts excitement toward its customers from the daily travelers stopping over to dine with Bellabot as their interactive robot waiter

“I am really excited on what Bellabot can contribute to our daily operations, especially in bringing more elegant dining experience and attracting new customer. Also, for my employees, Bellabot will be their helper to in providing exceptional dining services with less contact with customers.”

One of the most esteem features of Bellabot that Love a Bowl is loving is the different task status trigger corresponding light effect interactions, food deliveries status indications are made clearer and prevents errors. It also promoted workload efficiency in Love a Bowl’s daily operations as employees have more time building rapport with customers and focus on serving with full of energy despite light interactions due to current restrictions.

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BellaBot is Pudu Robotics’ most popular catering and delivery robot, with superior human-robot interaction skills, a novel bionic design language, adorable modeling, multi-modal interaction, and other features to provide an unrivaled food delivery robot experience.

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